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Smart Refinancing

Feel like your lender is winning at your expense? Then get better cashflow and greater flexibility by refinancing your home loan. Let us help you refinance your home loan and you could shave years off your mortgage. You’ll get better facilities, improved monthly cash flow and more flexibility to build your equity faster.

We have access to a large range of home loan packages to ensure you get the one that best matches your needs. We’ll also save you time and money by arranging the entire refinancing – in some cases there’s no need for you to see your solicitor and we don’t charge you a cent for our service!

Is your home loan directly from a mainstream lender? 

We get it. At the time, you had so much going on that your focus was “just get the loan to get the house” and your mainstream lender helped. Now your focus is to pay off the loan fast, but you’re unsure if you’re getting a good deal, not to mention if you have the right structure and facilities.

Fixed rate negotiations

To make sure you’re getting a good deal, we can help with fixed rate roll-over negotiations. We know what new deals are being made by mainstream as well as non-bank lenders, so existing clients can get the same new deals, or better.

Home loan reviews

We haven’t met a homeowner yet who wants to take a full 30 years to pay off their loan. We can make sure you not only get a great deal but have the loan structure and facilities to help you reduce your loan faster. Most of the time this is a few simple adjustments to your existing loan.

With just a few simple steps you can take control of your budget, eliminate surprises and get large savings on your mortgage. All at no cost to you.

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