There are now approximately 2.8 million members in KiwiSaver. But only three out of every 1,000 in KiwiSaver actually get professional advice on how to best manage their KiwiSaver funds. A small proportion (less then 20%) make educated decisions on their own, but more than 80 percent of the population are literally just floating along.

If you sit in this 80 percent there is a massive opportunity you’re missing out on.

The difference that advice or an educated informed decision can make is estimated to be between $150,000-$200,000 more in value at retirement age over a full working career.

That means if you get informed professional guidance (from a KiwiSaver specialist not just your bank teller) you could make your retirement much more comfortable … potentially luxurious!

And you’ll be helping the future economy.

In recent years, at the end of the year there has been up to $300,000,000 of Government money (member tax credits) left unclaimed. This money is allocated to be paid to KiwiSaver accounts for those that contribute and qualify for it, most who miss out are self-employed or stay home parents who are not aware of what they can do. It does not get used if not claimed.

Those who are not getting advice are creating a problem. And it’s big. It’s estimated that the loss of value from KiwiSaver members not being on suitable funds is a whopping $171,000,000,000.

This doesn’t include those who are not contributing and simply missing out on the annual free money from the government each year up to $521 and the accumulative growth that would occur from it and their contributions, so it would be far, far more. This is money Kiwis won’t have to spend in their retirement so both them and the future economy misses out.

Team up with a Prosper KiwiSaver specialist and you’ll benefit from:

  • Easy to understand advice that can make a huge difference
  • A selection philosophy for you to align with
  • Full recommendations at no cost to you

You can also feel confident that you’re helping the economy win, by having good decisions made now and more funds to spend in the future.