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Felecia Hewson

Financial Adviser



Living in the small town of Rotorua I love providing financial advice within such a close-knit community – guiding people
through different phases of life and seeing new generations thrive is what I really enjoy.

Having spent 17 years in the industry I’ve now helped the first home buyers I worked with a few years ago move on to
their next family home, and helped many of them turn their first home into an investment property too. I’ve also had
the pleasure of seeing my clients’ children grow up, and now they are coming to me to help with their first home
purchases. It brings me such joy.

Guiding first home buyers is something I really enjoy, because they are so appreciative of my knowledge and
commitment to getting them into their first home. Nothing beats hearing the excitement in their voices when they find
out they are pre-approved and can go house-hunting with confidence.

That’s not the only thing that excites me. I have acquired quite a lot of hobbies! If you want to talk classic cars, I am your
girl. I spend a lot of time at classic cars show and have rebuilt my own 1956 Mercury which won Americana 2019 and
featured a number of hotrod magazines. I also breed dachshunds and have many grand puppies all over the country.
When I am not cruising in the car or taking care of pups you’ll find my husband and me at the bach, or off in our bus with
the boat.

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